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The Qiao of Demon Hunter X

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The word Qiao means bridge. These are translations of the various Qiao abilities as described in the pages of Demon Hunter X from White Wolf's World of Darkness line. They have been extensively altered to tailor them to the customized worldview of Street Fighter as presented in these web pages. They are primarily the providence of the Shih Demon Hunter but some Qiao are also available to other styles. These allowances are described under Schools.

Qiao are fundamentally the same as Focus maneuvers. They utilize the fighter’s chi and mastery of body to achieve effects that many would consider supernatural. The difference is that most paths of Qiao require a physical intermediary – a storage vessel if you will – for the technique to “work its magic”. These powers may not be appropriate in all Street Fighter campaigns.

For Qiao that says “This Qiao is identical to the AA technique maneuver BB” the character is allowed to purchase that maneuver as their rank ability provided they meet the requirements listed under the maneuver itself. The cost of these maneuvers is equal to the Hunter cost (or highest if Hunter isn't listed) and they cannot be modified.

Table of Contents
Chien (Mirror)
Feng (Phoenix)
I Shen (Celestial Gods)
Long Ling (Dragon Ruler)
Meng (Dreams)
Mo Kung (Devil Fighter)
Shi (Serpent)
Yu An (Jade Harmony)
Zhu Mao (Resilient Cat)

Qiao of the Chien (Mirror)

This bridge teaches the hunter to carefully guard their lifeforce from those who would steal it from them. Each rank in this Qiao is not an ability but an additional die that may be used to contest losses of Chi and Health. If there is no contest provided under the attacking maneuver’s description the hunter may engage their foe in a contest of opposed Focus + (Willpower/2) to negate the attempt on their Chi.

Qiao of the Feng (Phoenix)

This Qiao concerns using the hunter’s chi to repair damage to their bodies. As such hunters may instead learn and use the Regeneration, Elemental Renewal, and Promised Renewal (self-only) Focus maneuvers provided they meet the requirements for them. The experience point cost of each maneuver is reduced by ranks of Feng Qiao at the time it is purchased. They may be modified, as normal, but use the highest listed power point cost.

The real benefit of Feng Qiao is that it provides a pool of temporary points that can be used, once per day, to enhance the use of restorative maneuvers at a 1:1 rate. No matter how many points are spent only a single additional level of aggravated damage can be healed per day.

Qiao of the I Shen (Celestial Gods)

These are prayer techniques. The hunter must first inscribe a solemn prayer on a strip of paper or parchment storing power within for later. During the inscription process prayers are said and meditation undergone. The entire process requires 2 hours + a number of additional hours equal to the rank of the effect desired. At the end of this time the hunter pays 3 chi and makes a Focus + Mysteries roll to lock the spent chi into the inscription. If successful the prayer scroll lasts up to 30 days before its power irrevocably dissipates. Points of True Faith may be spent to bolster the prayer as it is created but not when cast.

Each of the I Shen techniques can be used on more permanent fixtures. This requires a sacrifice of permanent chi of 3 + additional temporary chi equal to the desired rank of effect. Permanent I Shen can affect a single target once per day when triggered.

Rank One: Celestial Punishment

These prayers slash or burn when cast into the air with a target in mind. This requires a full action from the hunter as they whisper the name of the target and release the pages. Once released the seemingly-innocuous slips of paper move directly to their intended victim and can only be stopped by the use of special maneuvers or a Dexterity + Mysteries roll, minimum of 3 successes, on the defender’s part. There is no roll to hit.

Once they reach the target the prayer pages go to work inflicting a single level of aggravated damage. They ignore armor, soak, and any resistances or immunities. In addition the prayers inflict extreme, debilitating pain on the target and increases the difficulty of all their actions by 1 for the next turn (10 rounds = 1 turn).

Multiple uses of Celestial Punishment do not work on the same target in one battle. Other Qiao of the I Shen can be used but additional Celestial Punishment prayers fail to activate and remain unspent.

Rank Two: Bindings

The Bondage Qiao must be applied to the body of the person or creature to be affected. This requires a successful attack roll using Dexterity + Punch (which the defender can attempt to dodge) or some method of restraint. Upon contact the pages expand and grow into immensely-strong bonds that use the target’s own lifeforce against it to hold it in check. Use of special abilities while bound requires a Willpower check to momentarily breech this chi hold. If the target does nothing but struggle they make make extended Strength checks, needing a minimum of 10 successes, to break the Bindings.

Rank Three: Fires of Judgment

This Qiao is read from the prepared prayer which then bursts into flame. The burning form is then cast upon the target using a Wits + Mysteries check. The target can attempt to dodge the projectile with a Dexterity + Mysteries roll, needing more successes then the attacker's Wits + Mysteries check. If it hits it sets the target’s chi ablaze inflicting an automatic two health levels of aggravated damage plus an additional health level per round until the fire is extinguished. Immunity to fire does not prevent this damage.

Rank Four: Scorching Pyre

To create the Pyre requires two scrolls which are set on fire without being read. They are placed on the farthest edges of where the Pyre is desired. Once the scrolls are aflame its flames spread inward toward the other scroll without needing anything flammable to consume. The Pyre grows within three rounds to its maximum dimensions of up to 10 by 10 hexes. Once created it will not move nor will it spread and it continues to burn for the next hour. A Scorching Pyre can be extinguished by the use of Focus maneuvers but this requires more successes on the extinguishing roll then the Shih got on their Focus + Mysteries roll to create the scrolls used (if there were multiple such rolls used, average their successes to determine the Pyre's resistance to early cancellation). It cannot be controlled or otherwise manipulated by maneuvers (for example, it cannot be blown out by a Stunning Shout or controlled by Pyrokinesis).

Anyone making contact with the flames, even if they have immunity to fire, must make an immediate Wits + Mysteries roll versus a difficulty of 6 plus any ranks of Dark Hado they possess. If this pushes the difficulty over 10 the additional points roll over into required successes. This check must be made per hex traveled. Any failure pushes the target back one hex as they are unable to pass through and deals three levels of aggravated damage to them.

The Pyre’s existence does not prevent opponents from using aerial or focus maneuvers to avoid coming in contact with the flames although they may be knocked out of the air or otherwise forced into the area of effect as normal.

Rank Five: Heaven’s Thunder

This Qiao requires four separate scrolls. Each one represents one of the four protectors of the natural order or a representation of the four cardinal directions. Each prayer is read aloud one at a time and cast into the air – this requires access to open sky but the prevailing weather conditions are irrelevant. Reading all the prayers requires a full uninterrupted round.

Once all four are airborne the hunter chooses a target hex to be the target of the prayer. The target hex and every hex adjacent receive the effects as the prayers race skyward and a bolt of lightning shoots down from above. The hunter pays 4 chi to enable the bolt to touch its target and makes an immediate Intelligence + Mysteries roll to determine the amount of aggravated damage those caught in the bolt suffer. The lightning cannot be dodged (as it is far too fast once it is created) but can be soaked if the target has a way to soak aggravated damage. It deals non-elemental energy damage that ignores barriers. Any target that suffers damage is automatically stunned, deafened, and knocked down for five rounds by the blast.

Qiao of the Long Ling (Dragon Ruler)

Rank One: Dragon’s Eyes

Using colored paint around the eyes the hunter can accentuate even subtle nuances in emotion that are picked up subconsciously by others. This Qiao is identical to the Focus maneuver Glare if used to intimidate. For other emotions the Shih rolls Charisma or Manipulation + Subterfuge against the defender’s Willpower. The Shih can make one such roll per round, which consitutes their action. A botch indicates some crippling flaw in the hunter's appearance or behavoir and any further attempts to use that application of Dragon Eyes automatically fails. Obviously this requires line of sight and the intended target must be close enough to see the Shih.

Rank Two: Eye of Judgment

Through their eyes the hunter triggers deep memories of past atrocities committed by the target. The truly innocent are immune to this power. It is used to force the demons they hunt to remember and understand why they face death. Under the Eye of Judgment intense, vivid memories assail the wakeful mind resisting all efforts to suppress them. This can recall even things the target has themselves forgotten.

The hunter pays 1 chi to activate this ability and rolls Willpower, difficulty of the target's permanent Willpower. The hunter may spend points of True Faith to reduce the difficulty of this roll. This requires line of sight and the Shih must be within 100' but does not require eye-to-eye contact. If successful the target loses 1 point of speed on all of their maneuvers for the next turn (10 rounds = 1 turn) per success. This may put the target into negative speeds but has no effective result against a foe using abilities like Zen no Mind.

The Eye of Judgment may only be used once per day. Attempting to use it more then that gives the Shih an automatic temporary point of Dark Hado as they invite bitterness into their soul.

Rank Three: Haunted Eyes

Building on what they've learned in the application of the Eye of Judgment the hunter goes one step further. The vivid memories become full blown hallucinations affecting all the senses.

The hunter pays two chi to activate this Qiao and makes the same Willpower roll as described in Eye of Judgment. If successful the target enters a complete hallucination reliving randomly chosen acts of cruelty, aggression, and domination they have commited from the perspective of their victims. These visions automatically try to resist all attempts on the target's part to break free (teleport maneuvers, super senses, or even suicide). Although it is intense and emotionally draining any "damage" inflicted by the hallucinations exists purely in the target's mind and has little bearing on reality, thus it is only ever bashing damage that cannot become lethal or aggravated.

Any real damage suffered gives the target a chance to escape through the pain endured. They may make another Willpower roll with a difficulty equal to 4 + the number of successes the hunter scored. Difficulties over 8 roll over into required successes. If successful the victim realizes that their senses lie to them and the hallucination dissolves over the next five rounds. Otherwise their condition persists for the next twelve hours.

Depending on what happens during the hallucination period and how the target handles it the Storyteller may rule that the target suffers from lingering effects long after their senses return to normal: temporary derangements, nightmares, post-traumatic stress, etc. A botch on the Willpower check to break free can mean these become permanent.

Like the Eye of Judgment the Shih takes on a substantial risk by invoking such a dark, hate-filled power. Every use of Haunted Eyes awards the Shih an automatic point of temporary Dark Hado. Wise and experienced sifu among the hunters still whisper tales of the Shih who became drunk on such power and the sad duty that fell to their brethren.

Rank Four: Voice from Beyond

Speaking with the voice of one whom the target desperately wants to hear the hunter can compel them, through the lens of guilt, to act in penitence. The hunter must have the person whom they wish to imitate in mind when activating this ability and know at a minimum their name and a few identifying facts.

The hunter must be within earshot of their intended target and able to speak although the target needs not be able to understand what they say (which they won't hear anyway). The hunter pays 1 Chi and 1 Willpower and makes a contested Willpower roll against the target, difficulty 8. If successful the target hears what the hunters wants them to hear and not what the hunter actually says. This effect then continues for the remainder of the duration as an auditory-only hallucination in the target's mind.

This Voice compels the target to justify their actions, inactions, decisions, and beliefs regarding actions which the target commited previously and which are named by the Shih. Each round the Voice also asks the target to rectify the perceived fault. These suggestions are not mind control and cannot force the target to do something against their will but each round the target must make a Willpower roll or feel that they must do something, anything in order to appease their guilt. Once the Willpower roll fails no more rolls are made unless the target has some reason to doubt the Voice or it makes a new suggestion.

The voice remains audible for two turns (1 turn = 10 rounds) plus a number of turns equal to the hunter's successes.

Rank Five: Endless Terror

At this rank of the Qiao of Long Ling the hunter no longer needs to speak or catch the eyes of his foes in order to open long-closed emotional wounds. By meditating for ten minutes and succeeding on a Willpower roll the hunter is surrounding by an intense, horror-dredging psychic aura. Anyone getting within six hexes must make an immediate Willpower roll or be overcome by fear and regret. Those who fail panic and flee as fast as they can. In addition the use of any other Qiao of Long Ling on a target within the field adds the hunter’s Focus technique to all rolls.

This draining ability lasts for 30 minutes. Afterwards the Shih is reduced to 0 temporary Willpower and cannot use any Qiao of Long Ling until they regain Willpower. This ability may only be used once per week.

Qiao of the Meng (Dreams)

A demon hunter with at least one dot in this qiao can learn and use the Focus maneuver Calm Minds.

Rank One: Sense Balance

By concentrating upon one person for three rounds the hunter can sense the target's mental and spiritual balance. This technique requires line of sight and full concentration. At the end of the three rounds the Shih makes an Intelligence + Awareness roll, difficulty 7. If the roll succeeds the Shih gets a sense of whether the target is higher or lower then themselves on the Hado scale. Additional successes refine this information.

Rank Two: Focus Mind

The life of a hunter is a hard one and they often must utilize every resource available to them in the pursuit of the corrupted. This technique helps a hunter fortify themselves for the coming struggle. The hunter meditates for one hour and makes a Manipulation + Meditation roll, difficulty 7. Successes on this roll provides the hunter with a temporary pool of points that may be spent to add dice to Dark Hado rolls or exchanged, at a two for one rate, for Willpower. These points last for a maximum of six hours and disappear if unspent. A botch on the meditation roll means nightmares and forgotten horrors assail the meditating Shih who must make an immediate Willpower roll or lose three temporary Willpower.

Rank Three: Nightmare Break

A lifetime spent at war with the supernatural would leave any human with dark memories. The Qiao of the Meng provides one way to overcome these memories and prevent them from crippling the hunter: fragmentation. During a deep meditative trance the hunter replays the event over and over denying to themselves that certain points ever happened. The hunter makes a Chi roll, difficulty 8. If successful that memory fragments.

This does not destroy the memory and it can resurface in dreams and through the use of other powers. However the disconnect provides the hunter an extra three dice to resist negative effects based on the fragmented memory. All attempts to clearly remember the event automatically fail unless the memory is recalled through another Qiao or a successful Focus maneuver.

Rank Four: Expulsion

A hunter must recognize that they are the master of their own flesh. Otherwise they might easily fall prey to the mind tricks of the hideous creatures they seek to punish. When placed under a mind-altering effect the hunter may pay 1 Willpower and make an immediate Manipulation + Focus roll to shake off the effect for a number or rounds equal to successes. This does not necessarily break the link and an attacker may continue assaulting the hunter’s mind. Once activated the hunter may then add ranks of Meng to all rolls to resist mind-alteration.

Rank Five: Dominion

This represents the pinnacle of Meng: the mastery of spirit sufficient to discard destructive, seductive calls from the dark elements of the Hado and reassert the hunter’s own will and motivations. Using this technique requires a full day of meditation and reflection. At the end of the day the hunter makes a base Focus roll, difficulty 8. If it succeeds a single point of temporary Dark Hado is expunged. This cannot remove permanent ranks without express Storyteller approval.

Qiao of the Mo Kung (Devil Fighter)

Each of these techniques require the expenditure of 2 chi, an hour of meditation and a Trait + Meditation roll. The chi required is used even if the roll fails. Each technique lasts for 24 hours, only one may be in effect at a time, and the hunter’s system must recover before another Mo Kung Qiao can be attempted. Once invoked the chi expended represents a serious over clocking of the hunter’s system and requires a minimum of 48 hours before it will regenerate.

Each rank in the Qiao: Mo Kung background allows the fighter to learn a new technique from the five listed below. These are, in no particular order, the following abilities. Each trait can be pushed to a maximum of 8.

Steel Skin: increases Stamina by 1 point.
Panther’s Grace: increases Dexterity by 1 point
Bull’s Fury: increases Strength by 1 point
Crow’s Insight: increases Intelligence by 1 point
Hawk’s Gaze: increases Perception by 1 point

Qiao of the Shi (Serpent)

The serpent’s bridge hones the hunter’s body into a finely-tuned instrument of death. Although the maneuvers below are listed in ranks (as printed in Demon Hunter X) it is not necessary to hold to this hierarchy. A Shih hunter in Street Fighter may choose any of the following abilities per dot in this Qiao so long as they meet all necessary requirements.

Rank One: Thousand Fists

This Qiao is identical to the Punch maneuver Hundred Hand Slap. If the hunter already has the rank 5 technique, Thousand Swords, they may opt to learn the Focus maneuver Bright Howl instead, ignoring the requirement for Light Flash.

Rank Two: Spear Hand

This Qiao is identical to utilizing Chi Fist as a maneuver modifier. The hunter may pay an additional chi, per hit, to inflict aggravated damage with the attack. This does not stack with the rank 6 Shih Demon Hunter school technique.

Rank Three: Burning Ghosts

Striking out with a focused part of their own soul the hunter can harm ghosts and force them to return to their home plane or destroy them entirely. This Qiao is also effective against opponents in Ghost Form or who have similarly displaced themselves to avoid taking damage (ex. Ashura Warp).

Activating this Qiao expends 1 chi and 1 Willpower and requires an Intelligence + Focus roll which the defending spirit may try to contest using their permanent chi. If successful the fighter may strike a disembodied entity as if they were embodied. Spirits will be forced to dematerialize if struck and are destroyed if they suffer three times more damage then they possess in permanent chi. Living opponents are forced to return to their normal form if they suffer damage. This ability lasts for 1 turn (10 rounds = 1 turn).

Rank Four: Steel Body

This Qiao is identical to the Focus maneuver Toughskin.

Rank Five: Thousand Swords

This Qiao is identical to the Punch maneuver Hyper Fist. If you already have the rank 1 technique, Thousand Fists, you may opt to learn the Focus maneuver Bright Howl instead, ignoring the requirement for Light Flash.

Qiao of the Yu An (Jade Harmony)

Rank One: Opened Eyes

Opening their mind to the truth of the world around them the hunter resists attempts to fool them by simply paying attention and scrutinizing everything with a fine comb. The hunter pays 1 Willpower to activate the Qiao and sees creatures for what they truly are. Maneuvers and abilities which project illusions or attempt to cloud the hunter’s mind can be contested by a Perception + Awareness roll by the hunter and a Wits + Subterfuge roll for the deceiver. Once activated this ability lasts for 10 minutes.

Rank Two: Divine Perceptions

Exquisite attention to detail can reveal the subtle nuances of deception. When using Opened Eyes, as described above, the hunter may also study people and attempt to read their emotions and discern whether or not they are lying. This requires at least three rounds of uninterrupted study. To detect lies requires a contest of Perception + Awareness versus Manipulation + Subterfuge. Use of this qiao does not prevent the Shih from using more conventional means to ferret out liars.

Rank Three: Wind Talk

Communication with the deceased and the myriad spirits of the universe is something many charlatans claim but very few (if any) actually possess. As a Shih progresses through their study of the Yu An they learn to perceive and address these spirits for real. In order to detect a spirit the hunter must have some reason to believe it is there and an idea of what it wants. Casting a net into the open ocean, as it were, is a poor method of making contact.

Once the Shih has some idea of what's around them they enter a meditative trance and roll Perception + Enigmas to try to establish contact. The difficulty of this roll starts at 10 and drops by 1 point per solid fact the hunter knows about the spirit they seek down to a minimum of 6. Once contact is established the hunter may then attempt to converse with the spirit. It has no imperative or obligation to respond and must be persuaded. This ability can be maintained for a maximum of one hour and requires complete concentration.

Rank Four: Shadow Wind

The distant realms are an unknown. The Shih learns to look into this unknown past our own reality into the distant lands far beyond. By paying 1 Chi the hunter can gaze into the shadowy “overlay” that is the most immediate realm of close spirits. More distant places require some sort of talisman – usually a reflective surface. The exact effects of this technique will depend on the cosmology of the campaign and are thus subject to Storyteller approval.

Rank Five: Shadowed Doorway

This doorway into a far realm is spiritual only. Physically stepping into such a plane is beyond the scope of the Yu An. Building the portal requires five rounds, 3 Chi, and a Perception + Occult roll. Once created anyone can use the portal, either way, and it lasts for ten minutes.

Qiao of the Zhu Mao (Resilient Cat)

Rank One: Cloud Walking

This focus allows the hunter to move rather quickly through an area leaving little or no trace of their passing. Stepping as lightly as possible the hunter makes a Willpower roll and spends 1 chi. If successful they exert sufficient muscular control as to increase the difficulties of all tracking rolls made to find them by 2. If Cloud Walking is used alongside the Focus maneuver Center a successful Willpower roll means the hunter cannot be tracked solely by the use of skill rolls.

Rank Two: Water Treading

This Qiao is identical to the Focus maneuver Water Walking.

Rank Three: Wind Strike

This Qiao is identical to the Grab maneuver Judo Throw.

Rank Four: Mountain Stance

This Qiao is identical to the Focus maneuver San He.

Rank Five: Celestial Wind

This is a technique developed from Mountain Stance. Elite hunters rely on it to stop and repel even the largest foes. The Shih uses their own chi to absorb and redirect the momentum of the oncoming target. It can be used on non-living entities (such as cars) but not on energy attacks.

Using Celestial Wind, like San He, requires the hunter to stand immobile preparing themselves. They must wait until the target of the Qiao enters an adjacent hex then make a Wits + Mysteries roll to activate the Qiao. For every 100 lbs. of difference between the hunter and the object to be deflected (or equivalent amount of force for Storytellers that want to do the math) an additional success beyond the first is required. If successful the target is thrown back two hexes plus an additional hex per success, suffers an unpreventable knockdown, plus two health levels of damage of falling damage. Anyone struck by the flying entity suffers damage as outlined under Throw.